Contact the leading and exporting companies of the Turkish packaging industry, download all the industries from food safety to marketing, branding, exporting, and consumers.

Find unite food-beverage producers, printing, paper, cosmetics, chemicals, petroleum products, cleaning and hygiene products as well as white good manufacturers with exhibitors and enable them to establish new business connections.

The Section comprises of packaging print technologies, packaging machinery, corrugated board, paper, cardboard package manufacturers, plastic and flexible packages, food packaging machinery and equipment, complementary packaging products, raw materials for packaging and intermediate product suppliers.

Find all sectors of suppliers packaging in Turkiye

  • Food processing machinery
  • Bottle washing, filling and packaging machines
  • Four-sided sticky systems
  • Thermoform systems
  • Conveyor systems
  • Envelope type packaging machinery
  • Special packaging machinery
  • Dough processing machinery
  • Ovens to bake bread and pastries
  • Cake, biscuits, chocolate and candy production machinery and equipment
  • Ice-cream production machinery and equipment
  • Bag filling, sealing machinery
  • Tin, can sealing/lidding machinery
  • Paper wrapping machinery
  • Shrink packaging machinery
  • Stretch wrapper machinery
  • Thermoform vacuum packaging machinery
  • Production, processing and packaging robots
  • Labelling machinery
  • Vacuum packaging machinery
  • Cardboard packages
  • Glass packaging
  • Packaging film and machinery
  • Lids & covers
  • Plastic containers
  • Packaging Molds
  • Stretch packaging supplies
  • Digital measuring devices
  • Quality control systems
  • Automation systems
  • Automatic date printing systems
  • Paper and plastic bags
  • Wood packaging
  • Paper-based packaging
  • Laminated multi-layered packaging
  • Metal packaging
  • Plastic packaging
  • Plastic film
  • Bags
  • Plastic sacks
  • Natural fiber packaging
  • Plastic and steel hoops
  • Hooping machines

Why should you outsource in Turkiye ?

• The driving force behind the success of the food technologies industry in Turkiye is its innovation capacity and adaptability to new technologies.
• Turkish food technologies professionals continually deliver high-quality products with skilled workmanship and reasonable pricing.
• The food Technologies industry in the country offers reliable, fast, and free technical support to the clients.
• Industry companies provide technician support and spare part needs of the clients.
• The highly qualified professionals of the industry provide expert product consultancy and training solutions to the clients.
• Most of the manufacturers provide a two-year guarantee for their products size.
• The industry offers high-quality labor force and lower service fees compared to the EU countries.

You will see a wide range of food processing, coding, packaging, sealing and filling machinery used in the areas such as confectionery, pickling, sesame processing, dry fruits and legumes.

What is the Packing and Labeling martket in Turkiye ?

With a market size worth 300 billion dollars and export revenue worth 5 billion dollars, the packaging industry in Turkiye is one of the strongest players in the global market. The sector which reached a market size of 23 billion dollars in 2022, aims to export half of all production in 2023.

Nowadays, it is highly unlikely to separate packaging and food and beverage industries as such that half of the total market share of the packaging industry in Turkiye is produced for the food and beverage industry.

The sector increase competitiveness in the international market by adding value with innovative, reliable, high-quality solutions and products innovations and varieties of the packaging and food technologies sector.


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